Aiocare (formely MySpiroo)

One of the most innovative medical startups in Poland aims to change the way spirometry is approached. The project involved creating a mobile application and a fast and secure medical database.

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Our goal was to create an elegant solution to pair the mobile application with a state-of-the-art portable spirometer, wich would allow patients with pulmonary difficulties to perform measurements on the go. The second part of the project was to create a medical database with a content management system. Considering the sensitive nature of medical data, the solution had to be secure while staying efficient to handle large amounts of private information.



The solution was developed natively for both systems to work with an external component to communicate with the spirometry device and algorithms wich analyse and process the data. Our solution has a large amount of functionalities including: the ability to perform spirometry at home, provide inside to the patients about the results of measurements, automatic synchronisation, and even scheduling of paid consultations on our in- app chat. The system management panel can be accessed and its content is adjusted based in the role of the user. Doctors, researchers conducting clinical tests. Each role permissions can be adjusted to have different level of access and data anonymization.



• Receiving and processing the spirometry data from the portable device

• Receiving and processing the spirometry data from the portable device

• Different modes - measurements and trainings

• Viewing the history of measurements in the form of charts and graphs

• Offline mode, instant database synchronization

• User profile management

• Chat based on

• Microtransactions


The app is now available to download on Google Play and Apple App Store! 

Find out more and pre-order your own MySpiroo device at:

Proexe offices
  • 3rd place in Magnet mobile App Challenge at
  • 1st place in Gear App Challenge by The Linux Foundation
  • Grand prize at for Anti- Sleep Alarm Smartwatch App
  • 1st place in Tizen App Challenge- Travel & Navigation Category
  • 2nd place in the International Bada Developer Challenge- Productivity Category
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Rating: 5/5

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