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Play NOW is a VOD platform created for one the biggest telecommunications providers in Poland. 

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PLAY challenged us with the task to create a brand new VOD service based on a CDN platform. The platform would be a additional bonus for the clients of PLAY and allow them to choose from a rich library of TV shows and movies. 



We developed two native application for both Android and iOS. 

PLAY NOW lets you watch television, movies, shows and cartoons on-demand on most mobile devices. 

The app can be paired with up to 5 devices. . There are over 40 TV channels available to watch, with cloud-based video recording,  and the ability to continue watching the same show on a different device.

The service is also available on PC at



• Cloud-based video recording (nPVR)

• Follow-me-content. The app will resume playing the video on a different device.

• Movie, show and program library available in the service.

• Over 40 TV channels in offer.

• Watch a program up to 7 day after the original air date.

• Rewind to the beginning of a program that is already in progress


Play NOW is a success with over half a million downloads on both platforms.

Proexe offices
  • 3rd place in Magnet mobile App Challenge at
  • 1st place in Gear App Challenge by The Linux Foundation
  • Grand prize at for Anti- Sleep Alarm Smartwatch App
  • 1st place in Tizen App Challenge- Travel & Navigation Category
  • 2nd place in the International Bada Developer Challenge- Productivity Category
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Rating: 5/5
Rating: 5/5

Proexe is a company supported by European Union under the following grant: "Proexe Sp. z o.o. - promotion of innovative services on foreign markets" under 3.3.3: Support for SME companies in brand promotions - GO TO BRAND co-financed by European Regional Development Fund under Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 programme.