In addition to exceptional software development services, we also offer some very flexible

and interesting solutions in the areas of team building, legal services and providing office space. Here

are some creative ideas that you can take take advantage of:

Why choose us?

Per recent HackerRank report polish developers are one of the most skilled in the world. Furthermore Poland is part of the European Union which makes all formal aspects straightforward. At the same time cost of living is still significantly lower which allows us to be very competitive in terms of price. By choosing Proexe, a Warsaw based company, you are getting

top notch developers while staying cost effective.


Scoping the project

  • If you don't have the project specification we will create it for you
  • Full technical specification for the project organises the entire development of the process. Just like you need a blueprint to build a house, you also need a technical specification to build an app
  • Detailed specification will outline the use cases, functionalities and technology requirements. It will also include the graphic design. Our specifications are prepared by proffesional engineers who are able to forecast any possible requirements and/or obstacles
  • Having a clear outline ensure both the client and the developer are on the same page during the development process

Fixed budget project

  • If your project is already outlined in detail, we will deliver it on a fixed price basis. With this approach you can be sure, that the cost of the project will not exceed your budget

Design and prototyping

  • We can create the whole UX/UI for you project
  • You will get fully clickable prototype of your software. This way you will be able to check how the app might look and work before implementation process begins


If you plan to make any software for your business contact us first. We will try to give you guidance of how to approach this in most proper and effective way.
  • First 60 minutes of consultation is completely free of charge

Team leasing

You will select specific people from our staff and build

your team. This team will work on your project on full

time basis.

Team and developer recruitment

We have acces to resumes for over 10000

candidates from the local market. We will preselect

multiple candidates who - based on our experience -

are a good match for your project. Then we will

forward you their resumes. You will proceed

according to your recruitment methodology (Skype

meetings, real meetings, etc.) We will charge you

only if you decide to hire the candidate (or

candidates) and sign an agreement with him or her

(or them). The cost of this service is $2500 per

person. We do not sign any official document, it's a

gentlemen's agreement. You only pay if you sign a

contract with given person.

Payroll and local law services

In some cases, candidates might refrain from being paid by a foreign entity. One of the reasons could be that it would require them to pay their social security on their own. Candidates (especially ones with families) might not be enthusiastic about doing so. In other words, they' d prefer to be hired by a local company. If that is the case we can be your subcontractor and hire them on your behalf. We will then just send you an invoice. This approach has some important benefits for you. We will be the entity that hires the candidate within the scope of local law thus all intellectual wrights will be properly transferred to us, and them from us to you based on the separate agreement, we have with you

IT Office sub-rent

We own a spacious office in the Warsaw city center. We have a lot of free space adapted specifically to accommodate IT needs. We can arrange a separate room for your team. This means you will have a dedicated team working on a daily basis during the same hours wich is very beneficial in terms of consistent and productive collaboration. In our office there's also convenient meeting rooms in case you would like to have a conference call, as well as small soundproof rooms for daily agile stand- up calls etc. Additionally, you can always come to the office to talk to your team in person. The venue is conveniently connected with Warsaw International Airport.

Proexe offices
  • 3rd place in Magnet mobile App Challenge at
  • 1st place in Gear App Challenge by The Linux Foundation
  • Grand prize at for Anti- Sleep Alarm Smartwatch App
  • 1st place in Tizen App Challenge- Travel & Navigation Category
  • 2nd place in the International Bada Developer Challenge- Productivity Category
Developer ranks
Rating: 5/5
Rating: 5/5

Proexe is a company supported by European Union under the following grant: "Proexe Sp. z o.o. - promotion of innovative services on foreign markets" under 3.3.3: Support for SME companies in brand promotions - GO TO BRAND co-financed by European Regional Development Fund under Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 programme.